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Free Range Castrated Chicken or Capon Roosters (Yim Kai)

A capon is a rooster (cockerel) whose reproductive organs have been removed at a young age (caponisation or castration). We call ours Free Range  Castrated and it can be spotted as the 'huge chickens' roaming in our farm. Capon Rooster is best known for their full flavoured and textured meaty chicken which are normally the star attraction in a feast.

Capons are castrated at 8 weeks old and are only ready to eat, after another 12 weeks - therefore the minimum time would be about 20 weeks and it can grow up to 6kg in weight. The castration results in non-aggressive males that produce ample, tender, real-chicken-flavored meat when butchered, and as such are a choice poultry meat for fine dining.

Due to the time taken to mature before slaughter, capons are more expensive birds. These capons are specially fattened for that 'special occasion' - be it a wedding, festival or just thanksgiving. Because of its rarity, capons are known to be centerpiece of a feast - the main dish so as to speak. It is becoming more popular now as a replacement for turkey for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Of course, for those who have tasted it, a must have for the Chinese New Year reunion dinner. Most of us will testify as to the nostalgia that these dishes brings out - how chicken used to be and how it should be - in short, it brings back, the real taste of chicken!

We target Sunshine Capon chickens specially for restaurants and individuals looking for:-

a) that main dish, the  highlight of the lunch/dinner
b) wedding dinner special course
c) nostalgic meal, like in the good old days, one grandma does best
d) festivities - Chinese New Year, Thanksgiving, Christmas etc.

Cooking capons takes the same attention and care as growing them. They are often slow-roasted or slow cooked to make that ideal holiday treat, something not easily forgotten. Do browse our recipe section to find out how you too can make that perfect meal fit for an emperor.

Kindly take note that due to the nature of the chicken and the time it takes to rear it, these chickens are not available in large quantities all the time. Should you require a larger number, you could place an order with us giving us the quantity and the estimated date required. We will confirm and reserve the quantity required for your special feast. More importantly, we would like to hear what your guest had to say about our capons. Do send us your feedback.