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Free Range Chicken (Ma Cho Kai)

The Free Range Chicken or Ma Cho Kai  are one of the highly sought after 'kampung chickens' because of its value for money. It can be easily spotted for its colour - dark red and black feathers, some do have lighter shades of red. These chickens are left free to range the grassy plains at our farm on the highlands of Kuala Lipis. It takes in the fresh air and sunshine while feeding off the special 'ma cho' grass and natural vegetation of the land including unadulterated natural water. To ensure a balance diet, it is also fed corn from approved feed mills. This combination gives our chickens a lovely colour, superb flavour and succulent texture that is distinctive.

The general weight of the chicken varies from 1.5kg to 3.0kg. There are different preference to these birds - some want it young, some want it fully matured and some prefer just the hens. At the farm, we cater to all needs and sizes. As a general rule, the longer a chicken in kept, the bigger it will grow, however a mature chicken taste the best, no matter what size it is.

In comparison, the 'Ayam Kampung' that is commonly available in wet markets is perceived to be similar to free range chickens, i.e. healthier and tastier. However as more test are conducted on these offerings in wet markets, it is disappointing to note that these claims are not always true. It is for this reason, we have branded our Sunshine Chicken so that customers can ask for it by name to ensure consistent quality and taste.

Sunshine Chicken Customers are generally looking for:-

a) a healthier poultry
b) chemical free, naturally farmed chickens
c) natural feed, much like in the good old days
d) tastier meat
e) well flavored with proper textured

After successfully rolling out our #1 tasting chicken, we have 'raised the bar' with our castrated chicken offering - for the perfectionist. Read more here.